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Yowei Shaw

In life, sometimes we have a unique experience that leaves us with big emotional questions. And sometimes, there’s no one around us who can answer our questions.

Each episode, host Yowei Shaw (formerly of NPR's Invisibilia) connects a guest with the “proxies” they need - experts and strangers with shared experience. Not an advice show and definitely not therapy, Proxy offers something different: a space for people to confront, commiserate and even find the comedy (or cringe) through frank conversation.

The Proxy team is hard at work on the first full season, which will come out later this year. If you have a niche emotional conundrum and want our help finding a proxy to talk to, get in touch at

Proxy is a completely independent production. To support the show and to get exclusive monthly bonus episodes and other treats, go to

Proxy with Yowei Shaw
Proxy with Yowei Shaw


Editor: John DeLore

Reporter/producer: Kim Nederveen Pieterse

Mixing engineer: Kyle Pulley

Photo: Marcus Branch

Tile art: Good Tape Studio

Theme music: Breakmaster Cylinder

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